Zygor Leveling Guides Review 


leveling guidesIf anyone says a guide such as Zygor isn’t needed then question then about what they know regarding meta-achievement awards such as Loremaster, how to use the Auction House to your best advantage, or how to get the most out of Dailies and events. Chances are good the answers you get will be vague and non-committal. The reality is World of Warcaft is a huge playing field, and designed to be intentionally complicated. If WoW  was simple it won’t be populated from people around the globe who’ve played for years.

Zygor leveling Guides are designed to offer a player help with everything from finding gold, and gaining titles, reputation and marcos to pets and mounts. Having this guide is like having a private game guru with real time advice on dallies, events, dungeons, profession, gear, and how to gain points fast at every opportunity. What took many players months of study, this tool can aid a player develop in a few hours. Just as important the tool goes beyond level 90 and offers guiding into getting the most of a leveled character through further exploration of the game’s unique universe. There’s also a tool to special season events that keeps a player from missing out on important rare opportunities.

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Zygor Guides

popular leveling guidesThis is one of the easiest addon guides to load and use. It only takes a few seconds to install this addon and it instantly becomes an intrinsic and important tool for the gamer. Navigation becomes a matter of following an easy to see yellow arrow pointing to the exact location the player needs to position the alt. Short, step-by-step, easy to follow directions become a matter of course to follow.

Created by gamers, and using the experience developed from those who love World of Warcraft this guide is designed to take the player from 1-80 in under 7 days without grinding. While this sounds almost impossible the key is to take out the missed turns, the wandering around, and mystery of what to do next while still having the alt hunting around for needed resources. This trims out the junk quests, and offers a formulated path to necessary, and power leveling quests that give player the maximum amount of points toward leveling.

How to Use

After choosing the leveling guide, and downloading it, the gamer needs only to click a few screens to have the addon in the exact spot needed. A small navigational tool bar will appear in game window that shows the alt’s current level and location. Instructions such as “Go To” followed by the coordinates are easy to follow using the other tools of WoW already automatically showing up on the WoW screen. A yellow arrow also appears on the screen. When the player clicks and highlights a line of instructions the arrow will automatically point the way.

Following the Path

The path the alt will now follow is one formulated by those who have played every type of character multiple times. This allows even someone who has never played the WoW before to play as if he or she has years of experience. For those who have spent time wandering around Storm Wind trying to find a mount, or aimless wandering up to every character with a question mark over it’s head this is a powerful tool. Rather than wasting weeks in pointlessly going from place to place the gamer will know exactly where to go and when to achieve the most points.

Along with never getting lost, the player will not have to continuously follow pointless, tedious tasks such as accepting or turning in tasks. The tool does this instantly, and alerts the gamer that goals have been accomplished.

Leveling Faster with a Chosen Talent System

Selecting the wrong talent system can keep a player from leveling quickly, and take up time that could be spent playing more important aspects of WoW. The “talent advisor” feature of the Zygor Guides will advise the gamer which class specification to use, and which talents to spend point on. In fact, the player can learn all the talents necessary in a just a simple click of the guide tool.


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