Zygor Gold Addon Review


The new gold addon released by Zygor Guides have 5 Modules that will help you to increase your gold production in a auto-pilot way.  To know the benefits of this addon it’s important to understand what each module does and how it can help you to maximize your earnings.

  1. Gold Runs
  2. Farming
  3. Gathering
  4. Crafting
  5. Auctions
  6. Our Conclusion – Is it worth to buy it ?

Gold Runs

Gold Runs are one of the critical components of Zygor Gold Addon, a fundamental aspect of getting a whole lot of gold out of the World of Warcraft in a hurry.

Introducing players to pretty simple and straightforward methods of getting their hands on a ton of gold in a hurry (showing down ways that they can form of quickly, use the tilling skill mini-games to create powerful weapons and other items that they can sell in the Auction House, and how to crush it during Daily Quest speed runs that are available every 24 hours – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg), this component of this Gold Addon is a complete and total game changer in every sense of the word.

Players aren’t going to have to have all kinds of skills or abilities (and don’t have to be super high level, either) to dominate the Gold Runs that we outline. Instead, pretty much anyone and everyone will have the opportunity to make the most out of this component, knowing exactly what they have to do to create the highest possible profits at any point in time.

Better than that though, this component is updated on a 15 minute incremental basis, giving players instant access to the most lucrative Gold Runs possible in the game at any given point in time. They’ll never have to worry about wasting precious time (or resources) on lesser profitable opportunities.

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zygor gold addon gold runs


While Gold Runs offer all World of Warcraft players the ability to crank out a tremendous amount of gold in a hurry, you’d be hard-pressed to find too terribly many people in this game that aren’t absolutely in love with “farming” to create their own the stockpile and nest egg of digital gold.

Farming – essentially heading out and dominating the most financially lucrative mobs – is the backbone of the World of Warcraft economy, and when done correctly provides players with unbelievable financial riches unlike anything else they’d be able to experience (outside of a handful of tactics and strategies that we’ll outline below).

The reason that farming is so popular is not just because it is so financially rewarding, but because it demands that players actually get out into the world and play a game– hacking and slashing through mobs to pick up the gold from they are beaten bodies or grab the loot that they drop to sell on the Auction House.

This particular component of the Zygor Gold Addon will not only comb the realm that an individual player is currently on to find the most financially lucrative mobs available, but it will also provide critical information about the highest drop rates and respond rates on the realm so that players can make the most informed decisions about who (or what) they want to farm at that point in time.

zygor gold addon farming


A lesser-known strategy for building up a real solid bankroll, the brand new Zygor Gold Addon is going to show World of Warcraft players how to make the most out of the “Gathering Professions” in the game to maximize their pound for pound profit.

Providing players with instant access to the most financially lucrative (and exclusive) resource farming locations, this platform is going to instantly and automatically update as players are in-world, always showing them the most lucrative spots to hit regardless of what is happening in that realm.

On top of that big benefit, players are always going to be able to use the built-in “Travel System” to navigate directly to these hotspot farming locations, basically enjoying a handholding navigational system that gets them to these resource rich locations without any headache or hassle whatsoever – regardless of hidden they are.

Players will have the opportunity to create custom farming routes that take them from one resource patch to the next in a streamlined and efficient way, allowing them to grab all kinds of resources that they will be able to unload (or craft with) at a high profit without wasting any time or energy whatsoever.

It really doesn’t get any more simple or straightforward than this!

zygor gold addon gathering


Of all the different resources and tools that we provide with this Zygor Gold Addon program, the Crafting component has to be one of the most popular.

World of Warcraft players that understand exactly how to craft just the right items at just the right time are always going to be able to really maximize their bank accounts, as they will be constantly ahead of the supply and demand matrix that the World of Warcraft is built on the back of.

Using the Crafting tools and resources that are clearly outlined on this page individuals will know exactly which items are in demand, how much the resources are going to cost to create that item (or where to find those resources in the realm for free), and then the perfect price to sell those items that for the highest possible profit.

If there was just one specific tool out there to help gamers create the picture-perfect “business” in the World of Warcraft, it would have to be this one! The individual resources, the strategies, the tactics, and the tips and tricks for maximizing the value of all items in game are going to turn pretty much any player into a master trader in next to no time whatsoever!

zygor gold addon crafting


The basic premise of the Auction House has always been to “buy low, and sell high” – but anyone that’s ever tried to make a fortune auctioning off items in the World of Warcraft understands that there is so much more to it than that.

Individuals that take advantage of all the resources provided for auction goers in the Zygor Gold Addon are going to have an almost unfair advantage over those that play on the Auction House without this insider information. Not only are players that use this particular component going to be able to understand exactly how much Auction House items are really worth, but they’ll be able to see that value updated in real time so that they always know whether or not they’re buying a bargain or getting stuck with an auction trap.

Flipping on the Auction House becomes almost effortless, with serious traders instantly having the insider information and hidden intelligence necessary to cash in on pretty much every single trade they ever make on the platform.

One of the most active components of the World of Warcraft economy, this is a tremendous component that gives players and almost unfair advantage when comes to building up their bank account – and makes the Zygor Gold Addon well worth its purchase price all on its own!

zygor gold addon auctions


At the end of the day, players are going to need to know at least a handful of different ways to maximize the time that they spend getting gold while playing the World of Warcraft.

And unless an individual is willing to waste hours and hours of time (maybe even months of time) trying to figure out all of these basics on their own, it makes all the sense in the world for players to take advantage of the resources and almost overwhelmingly powerful tools that the Zygor Gold Addon provides.

The odds are pretty good that you’re going to love everything that the Zygor Gold Addon brings to the table!

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