X-Elerated Leveling Guides Review 

x-elerated complete package

Complete Package

In looking at the various guides and the claims made by X-Elerated these can seem a bit too good to be true. According the guide’s creators it can help a player level in World of Warcraft from 1 to 90 in just 4 days, while mastering every aspect of WoW. This assurance comes with the promotion the player won’t have to spend endless amounts of daily time playing the game in order to do this. Even more it also can aid in raising profession levels, and making over 20,000G per day. This sounds like hype, however those who have tried X-Elerated have found they are able to perform at a rate they haven’t even thought of in the past, and have more gold than they need.

What to Expect at the Start

When starting out with the guide installing is easy, and takes only a few minutes at the most. The guide toolbar will appear to one side of the World of Warcraft screen. It’s possible to move this around to find the best position to suit personal taste. After loading the guide the addon will check for the player’s current level, and progress and this is reflected in the toolbar’s selection. The guide will start at the current progress of a WoW gamer with the next most useful quest or task appearing first in the list.

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At the top of this toolbar there’s an iconic representation of a head and shoulders. This is the NPC icon. When this is clicked players will find on their screen a three-D representation of a character to target next. This could be a game quest giver to check for tasks, or an important character to interact with, or kill. In looking at this representation a player can zoom in or out, and have an exact idea of who or what they are looking for next. There’s a Target or Reset button and in using these it’s possible to target or return to the original screen. When the target is pressed the alt will select the NPC, and an arrow will direct the player making this easier to find it especially when this is one that walks or moves around. Using this tool there’s less wasted time in mistaking one character for another or waiting for an NPC to return to a certain spot. This also aids the WoW gamer in finding monsters that must be killed even at times when the character has not yet re-spawned again. This is one feature that many new players and even those who have played for some time find useful since less time is wasted in waiting or searching for needed NPCs.

x-elerated in the game

Talent Guide

Optimized Leveling

Most players start out in the place they first generated and take quests one at time or visit several quest givers at a time, and follow each step of the tasks given no matter where they are sent. Starting off near Storm Wind they might finish a quest in the mines. Taking a quest near the mine they could end up at the logging camp. This leaves the player missing out on achievements, and other possibly more important quest they missed back at the starting point near Storm Wind. By the time most players figure out they need to return for missing quests they have leveled and the tasks don’t offer the leveling points they could have if done in order.

This guide has sequenced the quest making following the exact path that will equal the most points possible can be followed easily. In looking at the toolbar the player will see both instructions and a silver arrow on the screen leads the gamer to the specific location along with the NPC representation and targeting guide.

Gears and Loot

When a monster is killed or a guest ended the alt frequently receives some loot and gear. A box will appear in the middle of the screen and the guide will let the player know if this gear is better than another alternative they are currently using. All the gamer needs to do is click on “accept”. This eliminates the need to stand around, possibly in a dangerous place where characters are re-spawing sorting through gear.


x-elerated gold guideUsing this guide eliminates most time wasters, offers the player the instant benefit of experience he or she might not yet have, and aids gamers in faster leveling, and gold making aspects of this game.

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