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Getting gold is World of Warcraft is important. The alt you’ve created will need it all from flashy “greens” to impenetrable gear. If you want the character that can march into a dungeon taking hit after hit with folding, and look amazing while doing it you need to buy all the goodies to make it possible. Tycoon not only gives you continuous expert advice on finding gold, it takes the player straight to the best spots to find it.

The creators of Tycoon claim that with their addon the typical player can make up to 230% more gold as they play WoW. Most people who have tried and reviewed this system found this is a conservative estimate and that they have been overjoyed to find their mailbox stuff with an abundance of coins on a daily basis. Often these players have tried to manage these strategies themselves, but found it much easier to with consistent help of this app that runs in real time and helps to monitor what’s going on in the game. Without having to switch back and forth from views, check what’s happening on the server, or check with a WoW guide the player wastes less time.

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How Does Tycoon Work

What separates this addon from earlier ones is this doesn’t become an irritating, mindless, background buzz that has no clue what the character, or the game is doing in real time. The creators of Tycoon have automated the most powerful and effective gold making methods allowing the gamer to move through the WoW universe with ease while still making a constant stream of coin.

This addon is capable of assessing the alt’s own server economy and keeping tabs on all the action in the Auction House. The economy in World of Warcraft just as with the real world is constantly in flux, and always changing fast. Without stopping to analyze the gamer still has all this information.

Starting Out

Once the player adds Tycoon it’s starts to immediately scan the Auction House to learn the economy of the player’s server. For the gamer this done with a click, and when the Auction House is opened for the individual using it will see a new window to allow the scan followed quickly by another one showing a lists of items in order of the ones a player can make the most of per hour and see the most gold from producing. This addon doesn’t leave the alt without alternatives that fit what the character is capable of producing at a certain skill level. There’s no need to max out the character’s skill level before using what the addon recommends, as there will be choices in keeping with the alt’s current level. What surprises most is this system will suggest are often items they wouldn’t automatically see are immediately sellable. This can mean not crafting or gathering the most expensive item, but one that’s readily sellable. With this method there’s less wasted time in producing an item that languish in the AH, and only offering those that will gain a profit quickly.

scanning auction house

Auction House

Faster Than Human

Tycoon can do an analysis in a few seconds, while it would take the average human-being hours of sorting and calculating to perform the same function. Naturally, this type of analysis is only possible after understanding the economy of the game, and isolating the exact factors of what’s going on in the specific server being used.

What’s Covered By This Addon ?

This system offers exact and pinpoint analysis of how to make the most gold from crafting, farming, buying or selling, or simply gathering. These recommendations offered aren’t general, but very specific, and choices are always listed. If the alt can’t produce what’s at the top of the list in the general area where the player is concentrating, there are always other recommendations that will fit a given location.

This addon also doesn’t leave the gamer trying to use the same strategies as every other player in WoW or on that server. Because this system can recognize other strategies being used a player won’t open the AH only to find there are thousands of other sellers all thinking the same thing. This keeps the player from having to try to sell in a glutted market already stuffed with the item he or she wants to sell.

If you have any doubt check our tycoon faq article.

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