Tycoon Addon – FAQ


Does Tycoon works on Warlords of Draenor ?

Yes, Tycoon,official site, was recently updated for the last expansion.Is 100% compatible. Read more about the last tycoon addon version on this recently review published here.

1.Will World of Warcraft ban me for using a addon like Tycoon

Not all addons are approved by WoW, but we have taken precautions to fit the EULA for Blizzard. No one to date has ever been banned for using our addon. Tycoon has been available for over five years.

2. Will using Tycoon make me gold and if so how? 

Yes, using Tycoon will help in making gold. There are tips for making gold in this article.

3.I see something called the Tycoon Filters…what is this? 

The filters are found in the bottom corner of the window when you pull up the Tycoon tabs. Each individual tab will have different filters. You can use the Show All setting to see the filters.

4.Will I get discs with my order? 

No, the downloading process is faster and easier. Save the email from your order and you can reload again easily. This means one less disc to keep track of, and you can download from anywhere.


5.My friend doesn’t speak English. Can he use Tycoon? 

The addons can be used on any version of WoW regardless of the language you friend uses for the game. The data is in English. The quest names will appear in English, but with other aspects of this addon he shouldn’t have problem.

6.Blizzard sends out patches almost every week. Is Tycoon up to date? 

It can take a day or two to get some patches after an update. If this is the case then use the Load out of date addons button in order to continue using Tycoon until the patch is added.

7.If I need technical support after I install Tycoon how long will it take to hear back after sending off my email? 

Tyccon  official response time is always within 24 hours, find here the official site. They try to get back to those needing help sooner whenever possible. If you don’t  hear back within this time make sure you included your correct email address when sending the contact form.

8.I have a Mac. Does this addon work on Macs? 

The Tycoon addon will work on a Mac. This isn’t a problem because really the addon depends on the program to work. As World of Warcraft is capable of working on Mac, the Tycoon addon will have no problem.

9. Can I use Tycoon on more than one computer? 

Lots of people want to play WoW at home and at work, or another location. The only issue you will have in doing this is that while you can log in settings will not be saved across computes. So, if you finished several zones and then move to another computer the next computer will not recognize these zones have been completed. The same is true when moving back to the first computer.

10. Why is necessary to load either Auctioneer or Auctionator? 

You will either of these free programs to use Tycoon. This need arises from Blizzards EULA. The EULA doesn’t allow for multiple scanners. Since this allows lowers the resources of used by the addons this is the best solution.

11.Since I have to use on of them, how do I install either Auctioneer or Auctionator

These are both manual installs. If you go to the member’s area you will find an installation guide for all the addons.

12. The Auction addons aren’t working. How can I resolve this? 

Scan the AH one time for the tab to work properly. You will need to scan a few times daily at first so the database can build up sufficient information to work. For more information on this use the How –To Tycoon guide.

13. I am having no success with downloading or installing. 

Send an email to Dynasty with  much information as you can about the issues you are having with installing or downloading. They will get back to you with a correction in 24 hours or less.

14. Can I use another favorite addon while using Tycoon? 

There shouldn’t be conflicts with using other addons and Tycoon, but if you do have an issue let us know. Use the contact form and let us know the name of the addon you are using, and what issues you are seeing.

15. I keep getting error messages while using this addon. Why? 

When need to know the error message, and under what circumstances you are getting it to help in resolving your problem. If you could include this information on the contact form and send an email to the official creators of tycoon, the company is Dynasty and you can find here the official site.

16. The download login information hasn’t worked for me. 

Please send an email to Dynasty, the creators of tycoon. Include your name, clickbank receipt number and other requested information. When they have your email they will respond within 24 hours with the information you need to log on correctly.



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