Tycoon Addon Complete Review


tycoon addon updated for Warlords of Draenor
The addon itself is complex (we’ll look into the features closely) but the interface is very intuitive and easy to learn. Less experienced players can start making a virtual fortune minus the massive learning curve common in written guides.

Dynasty’s Tycoon addon improves your gold-farming efficiency via 4 modules that:

  • Locates underpriced items you can buy and sell for 10-1000g profit/piece
  • Gives you a list of the most profitable items on the market
  • Tells you where to find great grind spots with high drop rates and free of competition
  • Shows you which items YOUR server is desperate for – items you can craft and sell at insanely profitable prices


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My Experience With Tycoon

Let’s get a few things out of the way first.

Tycoon Gold Addon is NOT a strategy guide that tells you what to craft, gather, etc. And no, it’s NOT a tool that takes advantage of a loophole in WoW’s system that works only in the short-term and can even get your account banned!

Tycoon Gold is an in-game addon that tells you EXACTLY what routes to take; which strategies to adopt; what items to craft (and more) to make the most amount of gold per hour. And here’s another cool thing about the addon: It guides you by gathering REAL-TIME information from YOUR server and its unique economy.

The tool from Dynasty Addons has something for everyone.

Players with crafting professions (blacksmithing, alchemy, etc.) can use the Crafting Module to find which items the players in your server are desperate for, showing you what low-competition items you can craft and sell to the market – for large profits.

Gatherers (miners, herbalists, etc.), on the other hand, will love the Tom-Tom style navigation and routing features of Tycoon. It will tell you which zones or routes to take where you can find high-value items with a lot of demand.

Experienced traders will love the Auction House Module, which scans for underpriced items in the market. The data is laid out in a convenient list, allowing you to buy items at rock-bottom prices and resell them for up to 1000g profit/piece. This is by far the easiest way to make serious dough in the game!

Now, if you’re an adventurer who prefers to earn gold the way real men do (by slaying monsters and mobs that is), you can go to the Farming Tab to find excellent grinding and farming spots where competition is almost non-existent. Visit Tycoon Official Site

tycoon addon in action

What I Don’t Like About It

This is an awesome addon – no doubt about that! But it’s not perfect. Here are 2 minor issues you should know before getting the Tycoon Addon:

  • Requires Monitoring: Tycoon Gold Addon is an excellent ‘adviser’ when it comes to gold hunting but you shouldn’t let it take the driver’s seat. It never fails to identify the most valuable items. But keep in mind that the addon doesn’t take the demand (number of people looking to buy the item) into account – and you could end up with an extremely valuable item that no one wants to buy. I hope the developers behind it release an update showing how many people are in the market for specific items.
  • It’s NOT Free: Word of Warcraft addons don’t cost a dime – with a few exceptions, and Tycoon Gold Addon is one of those exceptions. It costs $47 and that may be too much for some players. If you’re a serious WoW player however – and filling your inventory with gold is a top priority, the addon – with the earning efficiency and time savings it provides – can easily pay for itself.



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