Gold Making Easy Tips For WoW


gold making tips
You’ve created your ‘toon, and now he or she stands alone with very little. It’s easy to feel some empathy for this pixelated version of yourself standing there with nothing. Up against those other ‘toons who have gear, gold, and plenty of food you vow to make sure your alt never goes hungry again. But, how to get your ‘toon through the levels fast while still making this alt rich?

Quest Rewards and Farming Loot

True, you want to find BOA gear that’s bound on your account. You need high level points to get this gear that will progress as you level without having to keep getting new gear. This means grinding and farming at the same time. Sound hard? It can be if you don’t know what materials will offer the most money, or the professions that allow your ‘toon to collect them you can spend hours and hours of game time trying to find gold instead of grinding as much as possible. Getting into enough gear to enter a dungeon without being instantly killed with take gear, and this ability will in turn get you into the BOA gear. The best method of doing this is to loot, farm, all at the same time. This will make the process of leveling and getting the right faster.

Crafting and Potion Making

Having a craft that allow for either collecting materials or making items everyone wants is the key to making gold fast. The alt needs those items that will fly out of the Auction House the second you post them. This means a few seconds checking your mailbox will result in full bags of glittering yellow coins. The trick is to know what to collect and then find them as you move naturally through the game while questing, battling or traveling. Some try to put all the farming aside, and then going about it exclusively, but this is wasting game time. The exclusive farming method will mean your alt will have to retrace steps and at times fight to get to the resources all over again. Getting these while your ‘toon is already at this location is the best method, and usually it only takes a few seconds to collect or farm items. Crafting an item from resources typically only takes a few minutes as well so crafting as you go is also the best method to level fast, have plenty of gold, and never have to return for the exclusive purpose of farming or crafting.

The Auction House

With the items in hand you want to sell the trick is to have what people want. Check ahead and find out what is in demand before even crafting or collecting an item if you can. If there’s a glut of this material or item it’s not going to sell well, and it’s a waste of your ‘toon’s time. You might still need to craft an item for skill points, but once this is out of the way concentrate on crafting what other players are looking for, and will spend more gold to get. These will increase the amount of gold for the alt, and increase the amount of enjoyment for the gamer.


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