Best Way To Earn Gold

Let’s get straight to the point: you need gold in wow for a lot of reasons, but the question is, how to make gold fast and cheap ? A lot of gamers take the risks of buying gold (Why I don’t buy Wow Gold ? ), well I prefer another way.

Instead of taking the time to reduce the risk of getting caught buying gold, I learn how to produce gold faster, cheaper and be self-sufficient  since I don’t need to buy gold again. No more of spending money every time your need gold, learn how to increase your gold production per hour and have all the gold you need.

“Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime” by Anne Isabella Ritchie

You know how to make gold, but the fastest and cheapest way is kept as a secret. Let me tell you, you need to use an addon or a guide that perform tasks for you and allow you to earn gold in autopilot. Yes you will need to spend a little money to buy an addon, but is nothing compared to the amount you’d spend buying gold every now and then. An economic study was realised in WoW and “The average USD value for 1000g (Alliance side) on the US realms was $255.25.

Tycoon Gold Addon by Dynasty

tycoon addon updated for Warlords of DraenorWorld of Warcraft had 7.4 million subscribers in the 3rd quarter of 2014. And while that’s a few notches below their best year (over 10M subscribers in 2010-11); WoW had already left its mark in the gaming history. It’s the second most played PC game in 2014 according to Raptr, capturing 15.61% of the online gaming platform’s user population.

Dynasty Addons (used to be ManaView) decided to tap into this massive WoW audience in 2008, developing and releasing add-ons that improve WoW players’ efficiency by leaps and bounds.

Whether you’re looking to maximize your performances in PvPs and raids with one-click macros and keybinds; optimize your character setup; or even reach Level 100 in 2 days, Dynasty Addons has something for you.

And recently, the WoW addon company released Tycoon. Its claim to fame: An average increase of 350% in gold-per-hour! Read Our Detailed Review.

Zygor Gold Addon by Zygor Guides

zygor gold addon by zygor guidesIt’s absolutely impossible – IMPOSSIBLE – to have any amount of success whatsoever in the World of Warcraft without a big bankroll behind.

If you really want to dominate (whether that means in PVP, crushing guilt runs/guild wars, or ripping through quests solo or with friends – and maybe even complete and total strangers) you’re going to need to have a mountain of gold behind you or you’re just not going to be able to pull it off.

Players without gold aren’t able to get their hands on quality armor, killer weapons, and all of the other “endgame” content that they need to crush it whenever they want. Instead, they have to hunt and peck for as much gold as they can, essentially becoming a bunch of grinders rather than play the game the way that they want.

With the new Zygor Gold Addon guide, you’re never (EVER) going to have to worry about that ever again! Read our complete review here.

Best WoW Guides For Gold

PictureGuideTypePriceMoney-Back Guarantee
Secret Gold GuidesGuide - Videos & Articles$60 days 100% refund
Tycoon AddonIn-Game Gold Addon$$60 days 100% refund
X - Elerated Gold GuideIn-Game Gold Addon$$Free Trial
Dugi Gold AcademyGuide - Book$$60 days 100% refund
20k Leveling GuideGuide - Book & Online Resources$$60 days 100% refund
Gold SecretsGuide - Book$100% refund

How a Gold Guide Can Help You To Earn More Gold ?

Earning Gold in WoW takes time to find the most profitable items to gather, grind spots, items to craft, buy and sell items at auction house. A Guide will tell  you exactly what you have to do, and Addons will make it faster and in autopilot mode. Some practical examples of, how an addon can help you to increase your gold production:

Gathering: Give you a list of the most profitable items and the best gathering routes to the densest node location

Farming: Get a list of the most profitable items to farm. The best grind spots with no competition and fully packed of squishy mobs with high drop rates.

Crafting: List of the most profit items to craft. Discover the items with the highest demand, craft the items and sell to a desperate hungry market for very high prices and you’ll get insane profits.

Auction House: Find underpriced items and resell straight away for a big nice profit. Addons can scan AH (Auction House) daily and find hundreds of low price items opportunities.

Gold Guides Are Cheaper and More Effective than Buying Gold

Gold Guides and Addons

  • Addons are Safer, Legal and Don’t Get your Account Banned
  • Popular addons come from solid and trusted companies
  • You learn a valuable way of producing gold so you can produce it continually without need of constantly buying and spending money
  • Best Gold Guides have a 100% money back guarantee
  • Save the time of “how not getting caught buying gold” and produce your own gold and enjoy the game

Buying Gold

  • Very Risky: It’s Illegal and totally Against Blizzard’s Terms of Service
  • Account Reported: Buyers are reported by players, as also their guildies.
  • Account Banned: Yours, teammates and guildies
  • Constantly spending money to get more gold
  • Expensive: 20k of gold is around $31
  • Purchase Too Much Gold at once and you’ll be under Blizzard’s trade tracking system

How Guides Can Get You More Gold

The World of Warcraft is in some ways almost as complex as the real world. This isn’t immediately apparent, but as a gamer then attempts to keep up with leveling, and having a sufficient amount of gold to get what the alt needs it becomes obvious. Just as you need money for important items in real life, your alt will need some yellow coins on a regular basis. For this reason many find a guide is helpful.

  • Not Getting Lost: No one likes having to ask for directions from other players, and the reception you get when you do is mixed. Some gamers are helpful while others can be obnoxious, or if feeling mean spirited deceptive. A guide offers clear directions and a few even offer navigational tools to get a player to exactly the right place.  This can save hours of time in total that might otherwise be spent wandering around looking for either a certain hard to find spot or the transportation to get there.
  • Knowing Where the Mats are: Mats are materials needed for crafting or as resources for a ‘toons survival. Knowing where these are at all times can prevent missing out on having what’s needed. This eliminates a special hunt to find these items, and the gamer can simply pick these up during a quest or whenever the alt is in the area where these can be collected.
  • Recognize What’s Important: One of the reasons players often miss out on important quest givers, materials, or farming opportunities is just plain not seeing them. A hill or structure in the way and a player can circle around for some time before seeing a game character or even a small location unless they are directed there. A guide will point these out.

Top 5 WoW Gold Addons and Guides Reviews

Secret Gold Guide

wow secret gold guidesHayden Hawke’s Gold Secrets Guide is another to focus on getting the gold. No one wants a poor alt, or to show up for a battle without the right gear. In a number of modules this add-on and aid can help a gamer as he or she moves from a beginner needing to level fast, to an expert who’s interested in making gold just for fun. Even before level 85 this guide can help the gamer have the gold well beyond the means of an average alt. Showing how to make gold by farming, avoiding the timewasters and even filling the pockets with yellow coins through fishing and cooking can make the game not only worth the effort, but fun.

This is easy to follow through the game, and the creator offers insights and occasionally some humor. This is perhaps the one guide that also offers the feeling of having another gamer along for the ride. This is expert advice, but a few players might have trouble managing the many different modules and keeping track as they level. This makes it a better aid for those who have some experience with the game, or who have used other add-ons than for the complete novice.

Tycoon Addon

tycoon addonThe reason so many have found Tycoon,our complete review here, to be exactly what they wanted in an addon is this guides focus on getting gold fast. While the makers of Tycoon offer much the same advice as others there is a concentration on both leveling, and getting gold with ease. Having a leveled toon is one thing, having a rich and l
eveled alt is even better. Having a craft aid taking an alt through the best development professional, and then moving the toon toward those in-demand materials while still working on quests at the same time is pure power.

For those who want more and more out this game those who have tried this addon found they moved faster through levels, and made over 200% more gold than without it. Making gold on a daily basis without having to stop earning points in other ways grants the gamer the chance to move up, and be in a better position to face new challenges such as an expansion with hours of retooling the alt.

No Going in Circles

The mistake of going for the same profession, gathering or creating an item, then not being able to sell it in a glutted market isn’t a problem with this addon. Instead using information from stats on other players Tycoon only sends the alt to those areas where highly demanded items are found.

X-Elerated Gold Addon

x-elerated gold guideThere are several modules in the suite of addons from X-Elerated. Not only does this work seamless with the game, it allows the player to gather gold on autopilot. According to their website it’s possible to make “unlimited amounts of gold” fast and easily.

  • This addon,read full review here, shows the player where to find mats and gold continuously.
  • Lets player in on what’s hot at the Auction House, and when needed items are available at good prices.
  • Calculates the best gathering routes for the gamer so there’s no endless circling around and going back for what’s needed.
  • Offers a list of the most profitable items to farm, and where areas to visit with navigation.
  • Unlike some guides this will work on levels, classes of alt, and on any WoW server.
  • This guide will also calculate how much materials will cost, and where to find them easily.
  • Scans the AH hundreds of times a day so the player will never miss any good options.

This is guide designed to do much of the more complicated processes such as figuring out what to sell or buy that can take a gamer months to figure out alone. This makes this addon much like having a financial advisor along for the ride, and also have a navigation system to follow.

Dugi Guides 


dugi gold guidesSome players have an addon guide, but want to know more about the game for themselves without riding on autopilot. The guide they could find the most helpful is Dugi Guides which offer video gold guides capable of teaching a player to make more wealth in WoW in step by step methods. This is an extensive course without all the typical short cuts or short-term tricks.

This is an entertaining series of videos that go at a fast pace. There’s no filler getting in the way, and the methodology is easy to follow. Having a video will mean not having to try to remember everything as the player can return to specific information again and again until the methods become second nature as they play.

The video starts at the very beginning of the alt’s existence, and takes the player through to the highest levels.

  • How to install addons
  • Farming for Treasure
  • Finding Gold in a Profession
  • Trading Methods and understanding the Auction House

This series is good for either beginners or those who are frustrated with a non-productive route the game is offering them so far. This gives the player a chance to move from merely gaming on WoW to becoming an expert player in a short time.

20K Leveling Guide

20k gold guideThe 20K Leveling Guide is also not an addon guide, but instead can take a player from the being a total noob straight to expert in short-time with less effort. These videos are geared to maximize the amount of gold a player to can make in the shortest amount of time possible. Some who review this product state they can make as much as 10,000 gold in ten minutes. This certainly beats the aimless wandering around looking for high price materials only to see other players have already being your alt to the right spot.

  • This video series keeps up with the game by giving the player free updates on the guide. Along with the updates the gamer has access to blogs and podcasts that offer in-depth explanations about new aspects of Blizzard’s most popular game.
  • Promising the possibility of making up to 70,000 gold per week with any profession this video guide series and booklet offers secrets for automating a gold making process fast and easily.

Most gamers who use this guide also listen to the podcast, or read the blog. Most state they have started to make more gold, and the secrets offered fact based, understandable, and logical.