Gold Farming Pro Guide

The need for gold in World of Warcraft can sneak up on some players who aren’t prepared for it. Then they find themselves preparing to level up, or move on to higher skill level and realize their pockets are empty. Getting the gear, the mount, and the resources required will now mean they must scramble to fill the alt’s pocket. This will take time, and detract from doing anything else for hours if not days of player time.

Planning Ahead

Applying some of the same basic principles found in the real world it’s possible to see your alt will need skills, and materials in order to not only survive, but also prosper in the WoW universe. Some people with long-term experience have this mentally planned out in advance. Even the experienced gamer however, will find some aspects of gaining funds consistently difficult. Using an addon is not frowned on by Blizzard as actually buying gold, and this quickly and easy place the ‘toon in a position to always be making more geld without to focus exclusively on this task.

  1. The first step to consistently getting a legitimate source of gold is choosing a profession: A profession will allow the alt to progressive make more and more glittery coins. The best professions will give the alt the opportunity to harvest materials or “mats” on an ongoing basis. The gamer will not have to stop, and look for these exclusive while using an addon. This guide will instantly let this person know when they are nearing these materials that are in demand. The other benefit of using this type of guide is some are able to clue the player into professions that are currently the highest in demand, and will work well for the ‘toon as the gamer has created it.
  2. The Auction House is more important place then many who start out in WoW immediately understand. Standing outside near the mailboxes is a great place to socialize and let off steam, but inside the real business of this universe is taking place. It can take quite some time, and a total understanding of the marketplace to utilize the economy of World of War to best benefit of your ‘toon. Addons can help here as well in searching the server ahead of time to assess what “mats”, and items are the most in demand. This allows the gamer to approach the Auction House with in demand goods rather than wasting time with goods that won’t sell.
  3. Gear is instantly understandable as important. Your character starts out cold and alone with very little. The first few quests demonstrate he or she won’t get much for this type of labor. A steady supply of gold is necessary to keep an alt in the best gear for higher performance.
  4. Crafting and farming can help the gamer give an alt a better chance at having a constant flow of resources and game money. What’s important is not to waste time in crafting or farming goods that are already glutting the market. Just as in real life having what others genuinely need results in more gold in the pocket of the ‘toon.
  5. Questing is fun, and so are battles or dungeons, but endless grinding will not result in having a steady supply of WoW money. What’s needed is to consistently be finding mats, gold, resources, and new professional skills even as the player is questing or fighting. This is sometimes difficult at first, but with an addon it’s possible to sight the materials and pause for only a few seconds to gather what’s need and then continue playing. This ability actually offers a deeper gaming experience.


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