Why I Don’t Buy WoW Gold


Don't Buy Gold - Learn How To Earn More Gold

Blizzard like any other gaming company has rules. Buying gold outside the World of Warcraft environment can result in having your account banned. In the service agreement everyone signs as they enter the game, it’s clear the only allowed method is to produce this through playing the game.

In order maximize the amount of coins a player has he or she must make it themselves. There are however several methods of increasing this earning potential.

Getting Gold without Getting Banned

  • Earning gold doesn’t have to take hours if the player knows how to maximize earning it while still leveling quickly.
  • It’s possible to save coins while still having the best gear and equipment an alt needs to level faster.
  • Avoiding the risk being banned for buying gold, or dealing with unscrupulous dealers who might scam you.
  • Increase enjoyment of playing the game, and interacting with other players without being concerned about competition for World of Warcraft resources.
  • Learn How to Earn More Gold Legally: There are legal guides and addons created for the purposing of increase your gold production

Why is Buying Against the Rules?

  • Gold buying is a form of cheating, and it brings scammers into the game.
  • Since the gamers is dealing with a group of sellers Blizzard has no control over the gamer can unintentionally increase the risk of hacking, or account theft by buying gold.

Who Sells Gold?

People who sell gold are sometimes other gamers, but more frequently these are scammers who aren’t from the U.S., which is the country where Blizzard would have some legal recourse. If the player is ripped off for the money he or she spends on ill-gotten gains there’s no recourse for the buyer. These same scammers have also used the seller relationship to find ways to hack into a player’s account by keylogging or other methods. Naturally, the only way for Blizzard’s personnel to attack this problem is to ban the accounts of those who buy or sell gold.

The Sellers Become Spammers

The sellers and hackers also make the WoW environment less friendly, and enjoyable by constantly approaching other players with offers or by using the game’s chat system for a constant barrage of advertisement. Complaints against this are usually responded to by the offending party eventually being banned, but the only way to really improve the quality of communication in World of Warcraft.

Gold Buying is Cheating

How can players who take a few steps ahead of another gamer who is actually working for the gold feel they are competing? Cheating takes the fun out of playing for everyone including the person who looks for a lazy method of getting ahead. It’s also easy to spot the player who has expensive gear, and has leveled, but clearly doesn’t have a real clue how to play the game. When the cheater has mounts, pets and other interesting items, but then is easily killed off by a lower level character it’s obviously cheating is this person’s real game. Having someone take over the toon to level, or buying gold only makes a player look like a silly noob who should be avoided. The cheater is the player who’s usually not popular to take along on quests or battles, and simply isn’t worth other player’s time.

Having fun playing leads to gaining more than skill points and gold. It leads to expertise in playing a character, and having a real impact with other gamers. The only way to gain a real reputation that’s not just a number on a score card is to learn to navigate the WoW universe, and play wisely. There’s lots of real help available to those who want to learn – Gold Making Tips Guide – .


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