Best Way to Buy WoW Gold Safely


safe ways to buy gold in wow

The World of Warcraft continues to grow. With new expansions, more players, and larger lands to conquer it’s no surprise that the number of websites promising to sell WoW gold has also doubled. A quick browsing through Google reveals nearly 200 online sources promoting safe gold sales. The questions remains which claims are true? Where is it possible to buy WoW coins safely?

This is a good question as buying gold is against the WoW’s Terms of Service Agreement, and doing so can result in the permanent banning of a player’s account. This article shouldn’t be considered an encouragement for buying gold, and the risks should always be considered carefully by the gamer. Unless prepared for the consequences no on should embark on buying gold without seriously thinking it through carefully, as there is very little recourse if the seller doesn’t do as promised.

Signs to Look for When Buying Gold

  • How long has the site been up? Use Domain Tools like to see the domain age of the site. It is important to note however that the site selling WoW gold could have circumvented this check by altering or blocking the history.
  • Check through to see how long the website has existed. Again, it’s possible information here might also have been altered or blocked. The owner who’s trying to sell World of Warcraft’s currency could have rejected the’s bot so that data couldn’t be retrieved. If they haven’t then you can click through the pages and see the site’s history. Links that have asterisks next to them indicate a change the site has seen such someone else buying the domain name.

Another Important Way to Spot Trustworthy Sites

Google Adwords does offer methods of checking out a site’s trustworthiness. Look to see if they have been reviewed by eTrust, found at http://www.etrust .org. They should also have their privacy policy listed on their site as well. Google Adwords monitors these factors in selecting ad quality, so those who are serious about their business will have looked into this, and ensured customers they do not have to worry about stolen data while ordering.

Personal Research

If possible email or call the company involved in selling WoW currency and find out what responses customers receive about questions. Sometimes a gut instinct will tell a buyer more than anything else can about a seller.

Should those buying the World of Warcraft coins decide to make a purchase it’s a good idea to continue checking even during this process.

  • The Secure Sockets layer: As a WoW player is making a purchase he or she should watch the address bar of the browser. Look for the SSL to ensure that privacy is actually being protected during the transaction as this indicates the information is being encrypted. This can also appear as a lock icon in the corner of the address bar. A certification seal of encryption should also be found somewhere in the transaction page as well.
  • The WoW Gold Payment Methods: Sellers can also transfer sells to another party such as Google Checkout, 2Checkout, Paypal, and Moneybookers. If the name is unfamiliar it’s better to look into this business as well before completing the transaction.

How Will the Transaction Take Place?

In most cases the transaction of the gold is set up to look like a legitimate transfer, which is taking place in World of Warcraft. Typically, the buyer will be told to go to a specific place such as the Storm Wind Auction House, or at the steps of the Bank. The seller will know the alt’s name, and the player’s character will be approached by a lower-level player’s alt. The seller’s alt will send a chat request, and the transaction will proceed from here. No mention that this is a sell of gold is made by either player, as this is against the rules of WoW.

Beware of the Risk

Keep in mind this transaction is against the agreement for playing World of Warcraft. Blizzard does ban accounts all the time and can do so legally without refunding the gamer any money. Other players also often resent buyers and report it if they can. As easy as it is to get all the WoW money you need by playing the game the risk might not be worth it.


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