Hi Welcome to Pro Leveling Guides. My name is Philip !

My introduction to the World of Warcraft came while I was visiting a group of friends who were playing the game. After teasing them about playing a game with elves and what looked like flying lions they demanded I try. After trying out a friend’s character and running through a quest I was amazed to find I’d spend over an hour in the game. I was hooked.

One of the many things I’ve appreciated in playing World of Warcraft is that along with a few people who seem to be out for themselves and no one else, there are some of the nicest gamers I’ve ever met. This site is designed to help those who are new to the game with information I wish I’d known when I started out in my first months of playing.

I tell other players I am handicapped by having a job and a family, but while this is a joke there’s some truth in the statement. Learning to play WoW can take hours a day that most of us don’t have. This is why I have made a study of using various guides and addons that have helped me in making faster work of quests and professions.

Since my friends often were leaving about the time I come home from work, having a guide opened up a new playing field for me on WoW. I didn’t need to depend on tips from others as I had a running series of helpful boosts along the way from the addon. Guides have gained more experience, and have improved within World of Warcraft just as I have. While the older programs often demanded I move back and forth from the information back to my WoW screen, current addons work within the screen with perfect integration.

One of the most remarkable things about the World of Warcraft universe is it is constantly expanding. The Mists of Pandaria expansion attracted a lot of new players, and I saw how confused they often are in learning their way around. I can understand since the game continues to grow into a more elaborate series of zones, and richer character content. While it’s great for the long time gamer, it must be extremely daunting for the newer player.

The next expansion is due out soon, and with it there will doubtless be more new players who find Warlords of Draenor too interesting to pass up. I look forward to meeting these “newbies”, but I wouldn’t want to be starting out without a lot of help in learning the ropes. That’s why I decided to work on this page.

Right now I’m a level 90 Tank, which means I play an advanced Paladin character. I’ve also tried playing druids, mages, rogues and just about every other type of character right up to Death Knight. I’ve played both Allies and loyal members of the Horde. I’ve loved this game for a very long time, and I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned.

Thanks for visiting my site 🙂