5 Reasons to Earn WoW Gold Fast And Cheap


world of warcraft gold from the game

In learning the game, most players want to see what they alt can do, learn what other toons traits are, and how to level quickly. Making gold fast and cheap might not seem that important. In other similar multiplayer real-time strategy games getting one’s alt to the highest level will come first, and gold is usually a worry to have later. This isn’t true of World of Warcraft. Moving forward and getting to the next level will often depend on having the resources to manage gear, mounts, and other resources. It’s not a rule that each player must have a certain amount of gold to gain a level, but without these resources it’s impossible. In fact, there are number of reason the player will need as much gold as possible each step along the way when playing World of Warcraft.

1.  Clothing and Supplies

Each player starts out with just the cloths on the alt’s back. Unless you want to vault ahead and buy a ready made ‘toon the beginning is all about learning to fight for survival with little more than pointy stick in some cases. The very first quest is reward with silver, and usually a little gear. It’s possible, but extremely difficult to progress with just this money made from questing this point in an alt’s development, but very soon it’s necessary to start looking for as many ways to this gold as possible.

2.  Buying Gold is Against Policy Terms

The temptation to buy gold from someone for a new alt can result in getting banned. In fact, no longer how long someone has been playing or what level his or her alt has progressed to he or she can still be banned. An account banning means the player’s entire account including different alts, mounts, earned gold, or gear is wiped out. It will not be possible to open a new account and play with the same alts again.

3.  Gear and Resources

Depending on the type of ‘toon you have there will be a need for gear. Even those characters whose “greens” make up most of their gear will need other items such as healing potions, spells and potions. These will require gold, and having enough gold to get exactly what’s needed is important to leveling quickly. The same is true of having resources such as food or healing portions. There’s nothing like being in a dungeon, facing off with dragons and found the alt has nothing but empty bags. Having enough glittering yellow coins can keep your alt from pooping out in an intense situation.

4. Mounts and Pets

Also depending on the type of alt there will be a need for variety of mounts. From flying, to those that walk on water you will need a number of different ways to get around or your progress will be slowed. Mounts can be expensive especially those that are highly sought after. Having lots of gold will mean the gamer is left scrambling for transportation and the alt can travel in style.

While pets are a necessary part of the WoW universe they do enhance the experience of the game, and these are often great conversation starters. Having the wherewithal to get an expensive or rare pet offers a lot of satisfaction.

5.  Starting Your Guild

At some point in the game you and others might want to start a guild. This too will take the yellow stuff, and this gives you as a player a chance to use what you’ve learned, collected, and know about the game for a heightened gaming experience.



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