What’s the Best WoW Leveling Guide ?

Power is the name of the game with World of Warcraft. Without leveling there’s always a Horde or Allie waiting around the next turn capable of sending your alt off for a ghostly visit to the graveyard. It’s annoying, humiliating and unnecessary if you can level fast. Guides and Addons can get you there just as they have for all those other toons waiting there out for some poor lower level noob to make a mistake.

Power leveling using guides like Zygor and Secret Gold can take you through each aspect of the game faster, and without the common mistakes so many regret making. Instead of developing an alt with various weaknesses that must be corrected later using a gold addon such as Tycoon ensures making the best choices early on without delays.

Zygor Guides New Version 5.0 Updated for Warlords of Draenor

zygor guides 5.0 new versionIf you, like literally millions and millions of people all over the world, have fallen in love with the MMORPG World of Warcraft – but you want to make sure that you are getting as much out of your gaming experience as possible – you’re going to want to check out the new 5.0 version of the Zygor Guides.

These amazing in game information resources are going to provide you with real-time updated info about all different kinds of aspects of the game, feeding you the exact information you need to figure out where you are, what you’re doing, what you’re up against, and so much more!
The past four versions of the Zygor Guides have been regarded as the most complete and comprehensive World of Warcraft resources on the planet today, and version 5.0 is poised to take that reputation even higher.
You’d have to be at least a little bit crazy not to take advantage of all the insider information these amazing guides have to offer.
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The Best Guides for Leveling

PictureGuideTypePriceMoney-Back Guarantee
Zygor GuidesIn-Game Addon$$Free Trial
X-Elerated GuidesIn-Game Addon$$Free Trial
Secret Gold GuideGuide - Videos and Articles$60 days 100% refund
Tycoon AddonIn-Game Addon$$60 days 100% refund
Ultimate GuideIn-Game Addon$Free Trial & 60 days
Joana's Leveling GuidesIn-Game Addon$$30 Days 100% Refund
20kLeveling GuideGuide - Videos and Articles$$60 days 100% refund

What’s a Guide for Leveling ?

Getting lost in the numerous worlds, and rambling landscape is common, but with a aid or addon the player always knows the best, and quickest path. Looking at some of the ways Blizzard has made some interesting changes with Mists of Pandaria allowing one talent for every 15 levels. Most players have already discovered asking twenty different players what the best talents are at particular level with result in a dizzying number of responses guides however, have a solid plan for each individual alt based the server, and other choices already made by the player. One type of aid can help with the having the right gear, understanding Lore, and never getting lost again are benefits of having a full-time guided experience while playing.

Why Power Leveling Is Important ?

Taking your alt as quickly as possible up to 90 is an important goal. Blizzard will undoubtedly be upping the levels soon, so being beyond 85 can keep you from being left behind in the dust, or hearing about expansions second-hand. Moving on without the endless hours of grinding saves a player time, and allows for a better overall experience. Guides, even those installed within the game –called addons– are allowed by Blizzard, but while another party can walk you through the game, it’s against the terms of service to have someone take over your character and do it for you. Besides, what’s the fun in having someone else play for you?

How Guides Can Help You Leveling

Those who had some of the best alts, and the most interesting experiences in WoW started out with a friend or “game guru” who knew all the ropes. In the competitive World of Warcraft at this time finding someone who has the time to take a guild member or even a good friend through all the aspects of the game is increasing difficult. Getting through the complexities of various scenarios can take time, but with a constant leveling addon or guide it’s possible to know in advance the best steps to take.

  • Quests: The real best method of leveling fast is doing as many quests as possible in an orderly manner, with stopping. While you hear other players assert the only way to make points fast is through grinding, the reality is leveling also takes gains in reputation, skill, and gold. Here guides and addons are huge time savers sending you where you need to be gain the most of all three.
  • Professions: are important in this world as the player will needs these to gain fast skill and reputation points, not to mention gold. With more glittering currency in your alt’s pocket it’s possible to have the gear and other resources you need without any delays. Here too, guidance help in knowing not only the best profession to select for a toon, but also where to locate in-demand materials.
  • Crafting: Power leveling is part of the ongoing battle inside WoW. Not only are players pitted against high-level characters and features. There’s always competition for resources. Anyone who’s fought their way up to the very last big bad only to have another player dash past all the carnage you have left in your wake, and take the loot knows the feeling powerless outrage. Guides and addons can take you to the places you need to be when they aren’t overcrowded, and help in finding resources fast. Getting there before someone can snatch these prizes from your alt’s hand will see you leveling faster, with less frustration.
  • Don’t get lost: Another type of guide helps with things that usually only a really outstanding buddy would let you in on are the very things that guides are usually highlighting. This is like constantly traveling with an experienced game player who’s always on your side.

Top 6 Leveling WoW Guides Reviews


Zygor Guides

popular leveling guidesThe Zygor Guide was created by John Cook was one of the first reliable guides for World of Warcraft. It’s maintained its popularity by keeping up with changes made by Blizzard, and keeping pace with want gamers need to stay competitive. This is a guide,our detailed review, that’s meant to keep up with the player from novice to expert. This once installed will stay with the player monitoring where the player needs to be right down to following you through each action of a quest.

The Action House and Profession Guides

Two most complicated aspects of WoW are understanding and then keeping up with a profession. At the same time it’s also necessary to sell the fruits of your alt’s hard work at the Auction House. Selecting the same profession as too many others in a given time period on the same server, then trying to sell the same merchandise for auction is a recipe for disappointment.

Getting the Titles and Earning the Rep Quick

Having an alt that’s high in reputation and has the titles to get any goodies Blizzard might have in store. Many rare items are unlocked by having certain titles and a set amount reputation points. Pets, mounts, and gear off limits to those who only grind through the levels is another benefit of following Zygor Guide’s advice.

X-Elerated Warcraft Guides

x-elerated guidesThe name says it all, as these are addons for those whose primary interest is in moving fast. From daily quest guides, to world event guides this addon takes the player on a fast paced ride through WoW. Short and to the point this guide takes many more complicated aspects of the game, and makes them easier to understand even as it helps the alt move forward at…an accelerated pace.

At the present time this includes a professional guide, daily quest, talent and world event guides. The makers of X-Elerated are working on a mount, dungeon, achievement, and pet guide. It’s a little disappointing these are not available yet, however this is a good addon for the new player, or the gamer that hasn’t had the advantage of lots of time to spend in the game.

Approved by Blizzard, and already one of the most popular it’s possible the gamer might eventually move past this one and need more in the way of alt development eventually, but prior to hitting at least level 60 this could be among the best choices for gaining a better understand of WoW.

Gold Secrets

gold screts for wow

Along with getting the gold the focus of many guides is also leveling fast. Especially when new expansions are expected from the Blizzard the competition for leveling and resources can become intense. Gold Secrets also offers a leveling guide along with its gold finding methodology.

This is one of the longest running guides for WoW having started early, and has a good reputation with Blizzard. This isn’t offering cheats, hacks or anything that could get a player banned. The tips and strategies come from years of studying how the game works and the benefits of this experience shows in the end result.

  • Follows the player from earliest quests straight up to level 90.  It’s possible for anyone no matter how long they have been playing to get something out of this leveling guide. Outside of buying a 90 level toon this offers some of the fastest way to level.
  • Gaining experience is important in the game. Having a level 90 alt isn’t much use if the player behind the ‘toon is still a novice. This offers all the tricks for questing, raiding, training, and grinding needed to level fast. These aren’t shortcuts that will leave the player with less experience than other WoW gamers.
  • Tips and guide for both Alliance and Horde.


Ultimate WoW Guide

dugi guides - ultimate word of warcraft guideUltimate is another among the earlier guides that stayed with the changes Blizzard has made and gained from the experience. This does offer everything an will need to make it through to level 90 without having to ask questions or depend too much on other players. This also offers step-by-step directions, but it will not slow the computer down, as some addons are prone to doing.

As the character moves through the game the player will receive tips on dailies, events, Loremaster and dungeon guides, getting pets and mounts, as well as automatic gear suggestions. This guide also instructs on professions, as well as titles and reputation.

Like most of the addons this works automatically with text and images offering the gamer information as they go. This one eliminates the stops caused by waiting for a addon to slowly load.

One aspect of Ultimate that could attract those new to the WoW universe is the price. This addon is available for download for less than $6.

Joana’s 1-90

joana's1-90Those guides written by experienced and noted players are among the best. Having taken several characters to level 60 before anyone else on several servers the author of Joana’s Guide decide to share her methods with other players. This guide might have been written in self-defense because as many long time players know those who level are fast or first on a server will be peppered with questions and demands for others wanting to know how they did it. Not only does this guide show teach the player, it also is an addon to guide the player. Just like having a personal gaming guru along for the right this addon can keep a player on track for faster leveling.

  • This offers the player less time being lost, or attempting to figure out the best quest to take on, or whether to grind for points.
  • Combines the need for gold, professional points, skills and other issues into one guide that speeds leveling with a well-rounded alt.
  • Has extensive information on Mists of Pandaria for both Allies and Horde.

The best complement often given this addon for those who try it is that it is so easily understandable, and simple to follow. This is written in a language most gamers can easier follow no matter their level of gaming experience.

Dugi Guides

dugi guides

While the concentration of gold guides is on getting the glittering coin in the alt’s pocket there’s still the business of leveling that needs to be accomplished. The alts chances of getting goodies and special features from Blizzard increase with hitting higher levels, so this is always the goal of the game. Dugi level guides focus on going from the first level straight to 90 as fast as possible. An update was released for this guide for the Mists expansion.

  • Loremaster and Dungeon guides are a strong part of this level guide. This gives the game a stronger idea of what to do and when. It eliminates the need to figure out where to go, and what to do next as the player will know in advance what’s important to leveling.
  • Automatic gear suggestions can help a player steer clear of mistakes, and wasted time and coins on the wrong gear.
  • Perhaps most importantly for many who have used this guide is the daily and event guide that keep a player on track without missing any important or unique opportunities to score points, gear or gold.